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Social Security Disability Claims

Last updated on August 22, 2023

Social Security Disability is a federal program assisting individuals who are unable to return to work due to injury or illness. The process for applying for Social Security Disability is complex.

Establishing a disability under the process can be extremely difficult. It requires submission of various records, information and materials. A missed deadline can mean rejection of an application. And the failure to meet many of the stringent requirements often results in individuals not receiving the disability benefits they so badly need. The Social Security Administration (SSA) routinely rejects close to 60 percent of all applications.

A skilled Social Security Disability attorney can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection of an application. The Moore Law Firm, L.L.P., has been in business since 1893 serving residents of Lamar, Red River, Fannin, Delta and Hopkins counties. We understand the Social Security Disability process and what officials and hearing officers are looking for regarding the submission of an application.

Understanding How The Application Process Works

To qualify for Social Security Disability, you will need to establish that you suffer from a condition that could prevent you from: (1) performing work for a minimum of 12 months; or (2) that you suffer from a terminal condition.

The whole process for receiving disability benefits begins through the submission of an application to the SSA. The application is then turned over to an agency in the state in which you reside to make an initial determination. When assessing your case, it is possible you will have to undergo an independent medical examination to evaluate the validity of your claim.

A rejection of your claim does not mean you cannot pursue other options, however. As there are so many rejections of initial claims, you may request a review of your case if there is a denial of your claim. And in the event there is denial of your request for a review, you can still pursue a hearing before an administrative law judge.

For whatever step you are in the process, it is important to understand that there is a need for quick action. The initial hearing process may actually take a number of months to complete. For this reason, it is important to apply for Social Security Disability as soon as a disabling condition arises.

At The Moore Law Firm, L.L.P., our lawyers will take the necessary steps to help you file a successful application. We will also represent you in the event you need to appeal your claim. We regularly help injured individuals receive compensation through worker’s compensation, Social Security Disability and personal injury claims.

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