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Experienced Business Attorneys Handling Commercial Litigation Cases

Lawyers are often called “counselors” because they provide legal advice, or counsel, to their clients. Often, however, the services we provide as attorneys go beyond advice. We defend, we advocate and we represent our clients’ interests in negotiations and in court actions that can deeply affect their lives.

At The Moore Law Firm, L.L.P., we have proudly carried this responsibility for many decades. We do not just consider ourselves to be lawyers who push paper; we are active litigators who strive to meet our clients’ needs in negotiations and in courts of law.

When possible, we will work to meet our clients’ needs without going to court. But when necessary, we tenaciously fight for our clients’ rights.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal circumstances and options for litigation, contact us online or at 903-669-1427.

Adept At Handling Negotiation, Mediation, Trials And Appeals

Among our lawyers are seasoned trial attorneys and mediators who have experience in almost all litigation settings. Because we know when to fight and how to negotiate effectively, we can ably assist our clients in realizing these and other goals:

Insurance Company Won’t Pay? Let Us Help You

When an insurance company refuses to pay, or offers to pay too little, for a client’s legitimate injury claims, our lawyers can intervene to get the individual an appropriate award, either through negotiation or a court trial. We have particular experience in representing clients in uninsured and underinsured motorist claims in which a negligent party’s insurance is inadequate to pay the victim’s medical bills and other damages.

Always remember an insurance company — even your own insurance company — is not necessarily your friend. Its representatives may offer a settlement, but chances are that the offer will be designed to limit the insurer’s losses and will not reflect your true damages.

Our experienced Texas insurance litigation attorneys can help you discern between a “buy off” and a just settlement. By retaining a competent Texas insurance claim lawyer, you can greatly increase your chances of getting compensation that reflects your true injuries and damages.

In Depth Understanding Of Insurance Law

When your needs are serious, we believe it pays to retain a serious and deeply experienced law firm that has the tactical and strategic skills to back up its advice. At The Moore Law Firm, L.L.P., we don’t just visualize success for our clients, we go out and achieve it. Our attorneys have “walked the walk” of Texas advocacy by proving themselves in court time and time again.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with a lawyer, call us in Paris, Texas, at 903-669-1427. You may also contact us online.

At The Moore Law Firm, L.L.P., we have served clients in Paris, Bonham and surrounding communities since 1893. To learn more about us and our history in northeast Texas, please read our Firm History page.

Let our results speak for our services.